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Nginx 405 Not Allowed – hanging on post request

Ran into a problem with nginx(0.6.32) + memcached and post requests. These would return a 405 Not Allowed, which is fine, but when you try to handle that 405 with error_page it would just hang.

The following is a snippet from the nginx config of what I was trying to do:


error_page 404 405 = @process_req;

Upgrading nginx from 0.6.32 to 0.6.34 solved the problem.


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curb now supports HEAD requests

This is an exciting time for Curb. One thing it has been lacking until now is support for HEAD requests. Igrigorik’s fork adds that support. Here’s the Git repository:


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God restart HAProxy gracefully with -sf and a pid file

HAProxy doesn’t accept a pid file as the argument to -sf so here’s a little hack around that:

pid=`cat /pids/`;haproxy -D -f /configs/haproxy.conf -p /pids/ -sf $pid”

Use this as the restart command in your god config.


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